Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting through life a little bit better

A thing I've found with being in a relationship is that it's emotionally tiring (or at least the ones I've in). It's just so fucking dramatic and for almost no reason. It's not like it's anyone's fault, it just ends up that way because being close to someone means you're going to make mistakes and that's a given. The best thing coming out of a relationship is just spending some time with friends and making brownies.
I'm sorry, but I don't think a lot of people realize this

oh and friends, hang out with them. BUT FUCKING BROWNIESSS MANNNNN. So anyways. You can only hope, coming out of a difficult relationship, that the person you were with will just stop pestering with you. It took my ex about a month to realize this. Just makes you wonder what truly goes on in the other person's head, it's almost deluded. They would say things like "we didn't come this far to just turn around" Well sorry but I don't like facing South, i wanna turn around to North instead. Oh sorry, did that hurt your feelings trolololol.
Girls, they seem to wonder why boys are such dickheads and it's mainly because of girls in the first place. The girls advertise themselves and generally want to be in a relationship so much that they make themselves vulnerable to being with a guy who's just in it for the sex/doesn't care for the relationship. Think about it.

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