Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inlook on personalities

The proudly person is convinced that his needs are more important from the needs of others. This person wants a lot of attention and he does not knows or to be tolerant. He is capable of insulting when his behaviors are criticized and judged. In some cases pride repel of using good odds. He loses his friends, he doesn't talk and he does not have good relation with all his family.
Effeminated child changes to a prideful person
Too much of attention in the childhood by the parents can cause the child to feel that he is special, better from all the people, all the world is circling around him. He becomes used on accomplishing his wishes by others. That kind of child is transformed in egotistic person with lots of needs, his reactions are almost every time aggressive and with a lot of conflicts with his surrounding.
Pride can also be a result from too much of criticizing and underestimating in the childhood or puberty. That's the cause why some children become prideful and egocentric, but behind the mask there is a lot of fear and insecure ness.
Those people are turn only inside them, they always feel lack of attention, underestimated by the surrounding, they strive always to be in the primary plan. In a word those people are best at complicating the things. That's why if you can't accept your own imperfections, at least don't attack the others who are trying to tell your lacks. It has come the final hour to dethrone yourself and start to appreciate the others. Remember that you are not better nor worst from others, but surely you are unique just like all the people.
Open your heart and stop overwhelming, discover what the others think and try to realize how they feel, expand you view to the world. Then learn to live with others, pull the best from you without expecting for return. It's not about becoming subordinated or to care more about the others instead of you, it's simply about realizing that friendship or love include respect and generous. That's the only way of discovering the real and sincere interpersonal relations.How to moderate the egoism
Forgive yourself, thank yourself, don't insist, those are just a few things which you can do in order to moderate your egoism. You will become stronger person and you will make things better for you and the others around you. The best way of accomplishing this is to ask for forgiveness. It's hard I know, but it's not impossible. The hardest battle is the battle with yourself.
The prideful people think that their needs are the most important. No matter if he is at work or home this kind of person wants to attract most of the attention and he is incapable to request some help. If the person is not the center of the attention, he looses interest about the conversation he makes and stops to be active in it. By the way, that person doesn't show respect for anyone or anything.But too much of modesty is not so good
If the overdrove of pridefulness makes the relation hard, also the overwhelming of modesty makes problem because it makes us incapable of defending our own values and enunciations, our own opinion and feelings. The answer is to have balance between all those elements, not too much, not too little. It needs to be big enough to accomplish our need and small enough not to destroy what we have done. We need to be aware of what we are doing to us and around us and to insight whether we win or loose with our behavior.
You know the right choice, good luck!

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