Sunday, March 13, 2011

Call of Duty - Black Ops - Ideal class


CAR-15: man's best friend
Commando- Suppressor
Works so well as an all-rounded weapon and beats just about every gun if you have a good aim. 9/10 times you will win those agonizing gun duels or cat and mouse games or the shaky spray and pray AK74u. The same would go with the M16, although firing from the hip is down to chance.
Ballistic Knife
It's always a bit of a coin toss when it comes to knifing in Black Ops, which is exactly why the Ballistic Knife is such a useful utility. With it, you gain the upper hand in those sticky situations with awkward lunging and laggy swiping.
The frag is unmatched when compared to the other lethal grenades. Sure the Semtex is a nice sticky ball of explosive, but what does that have against a larger blast radius and quirky dancing and rolling on the floor.
With Hacker or Warlord Pro, you can't go better with this handy beaker of death, as it disables enemy equipment and proves just as useful as a few flashbangs. You will often find that enemies have the inability to retaliate with the necessary proportion of reflexes and look sensitivity. 
It's basically a guaranteed free kill and unless you're going to set up a campfire with a motion sensor or jammer, which isn't usually needed with an mobile automatic assault rifle class. 
Don't you hate the announcement of a spy plane? The badly accented voice actor is shit enough, but realizing that the enemy has a disadvantage is even worse. With Ghost, however, not only does the enemy not detect you on the radar (kudos for the suppressor as well) but it actually puts them at a disadvantage. The average Call of Duty enthusiast is rather dependent on their Spy planes and motion sensors and wouldn't anticipate the arrival of yourself aiming down sight, pounding bullets already. And speaking of aiming down sights...
Sleight of Hand (Pro)
Inevitably, you will always come across the gun fights where your opponent has the equal opportunity as you do, in which case Sleight of Hand is a must. The majority of people use it as their second perk and having it is essential with a gun like the Commando. There are cases where it might not be needed like
Spas-12 (Steady Aim)
L96A1 (Scout- beneficial to any sniper)
M14 (Hardened) 
AK74u (Warlord)
However we'll get to that later.
Hacker (Pro) 
It's pretty much the most versatile and useful perk in the game, especially with the hilarity of the pro version. Nothing is more satisfying that slapping the enemy care package with a bogey and seeing their reactions immediately after the killcam. Of course, it's not the humility that makes this such a good perk, but the sixth sense of seeing enemy equipment. Paired with concussions and you couldn't do better for the obnoxious campers with advantageous equipment.

Don't expect to run in no-mans land and come out alive, particularly on maps like Firing Range, Launch and Nuketown. The key is to stay on the outskirts and flank enemy spawns with careful consideration. If you are going to use this strategy then the kill streaks I would use is

1st Priority
4 Kills - Counter Spy Plane 
8 Kills - Blackbird
11 Kills - Attack Dogs 

2nd Priority
3 Kills - Spy Plane
5 Kills - Napalm Strike 
8 Kills - Rolling Thunder

3rd Priority
6 Kills - Mortar Strike
9 Kills - Huey 
11 Kills - Gunship 

It is up to you however. I know some people don't like using the Commando so much as the AUG or the Famas or the AK-47. If you are comfortable with using any of them, then go for it. Keep in mind that if the gun can handle a suppressor well, then you've got yourself a monster. Sometimes, an optical attachment is a better choice, compromising your ninja class for the sake of better aiming. So let's say you do choose a red dot or a reflex and a directive attitude... you'll be better off with adjustments from whatever mentioned above. Instead of Ghost, choose Flak Jacket. Because really, that perk and it's pro version can shift the game to your momentum.  

Happy pwning!

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