Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

Rob Dougan is a very unique kind of musician. On the surface, you hear his thundering, masculine voice angrily reciting lyrics, but underneath, there are hundreds of different trip-hop synths and orchestral beauty. Already in the first song, you are subject to verses like 
You're a cold piece of steel between my ribs
and there's no saving me.
And I can't get up,
from this wet crimson bed that you made for me.

All the way through Furious Angels there is pure heartbreaking emotion, even in instrumentals like Clubbed To Death. I guarantee that you have heard Clubbed To Death, as it was featured prominently in the film The Matrix. 

 Basically, nearly anyone will like Rob Dougan's music because it's so damn good.

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