Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quote - Lawrence Scarpantoni

One day a random man was having fun in a random way in a random location with random people doing random shit. After a random amount of hours, the random people start to walk some random dogs they randomly found in a random location. The random dogs decided to be extremely random and started to randomly bite on their legs. The random men started to just yell out random syllables and random words because they are random and so are penguins. Then, randomly, they start to eat sandwhiches that randomly appeard from the dog’s anus’s and apparently tasted quite delightfully random. So, then a random king from a random universe started to eat some bacon. Then a random pig came up to him and somehow started to randomly speak to him and hating his “bacon eating-ness”. Then they randomly started kissing while a magical random dolphin started to flap his random WINGS. I’m not saying that everyone should be random, but the implication is being that people should really just eat lots of bacon and crap out more sandwhiches than possible, so basically any amount of sandwhiches. Then a random man with toast and cheesy randomness ate some tomato’s. Suddenly, a creepy random man in a creepy random mask started to randomly dance like a hippo trying to scrape shit off his nostrols. If nobody can actually understand the random-ness of this random story, then maybe your brain cannot naturally generate fun randomly and you should go randomly throw yourself off a random cliff with jagged spikes directly facing you from the bottom of the bottomless pit, because fun is random and awesome with random nuts and tibbles and poop. If hulk were to randomly jump off of a rooftop and land infront of you, randomly, you wouldn’t be shitting your pants, you’d be laughing, aplauding, and THEN shitting your pants while he decapitates your NUT  SACK. If you don’t find ranomness entertaining then maybe you should close this window and beat the shit out of your PC/Laptop or whatever you use to read this brilliant piece of random awesomeness and then take a piss on your nearest router/modem, then, you may as well take a dump on the nearest petrol station’s worker. Goodbye, noobs

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